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I love to create ♥

With energy and passion, I create my art.

Norwegian nature and culture is the inspiration and starting point for my photographs. Working actively, out, with creative people makes me really happy!
I hope that with my photographs and with my adventures I can inspire you somehow.  I started my journey to reach my dream through the tv show "Nå eller Aldri" on TV2 and it has been quite a bumpy road.
Ups and downs, fun and challenging. And I have really had my chance to do what I LOVE !

How about you, do you have a dream?
Feel free to share your dream with me and please join me on my new adventures.  
Let's reach our goals together 

Just do it  ♥   

Contact & Sales info

The images can be seen and purchased in different stores and galleries in Norway.
Tv show can be seen at TV2 on Tuesdays at 20.00 o clock from 24of October 2017.
(You will find information about this under  "Utstillinger & Eventer" and by contacting me directly).

Please don`t hesitate to call me if any questions, art, public speaking og other fun stuff :)

Hi, my name is *
Hi, my name is